A Dream In The Making

If you know us, you know that we are thrifty, frugal and pretty creative.  We won’t let a free piece of furniture or a good Craigslist deal go.

We LOVE spending late nights in the garage coming up with new inventions and projects. We are always scheming up the next thing we are going to make. I guess you could say we are quite the craft nerds.

Crafting The Woods has been something we have talked about for a while now.  For years we have said that someday we would open up a store, that someday we would sell things that we make.  Well, my friends, that someday is here!  We are SO excited that we are making our dream a reality and offering locally- made, hand-crafted, affordable awesome products to you all.

While we are stationed just outside of Phoenix, our hearts are still in Wisconsin, where we grew up.  Don’t worry, Wisconsinites (and people reading this anywhere else in the U.S.), we do ship!! Check out projects we’ve made, send us a message and let us know what we can make for you!

-Jenny and Jeff


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